Welcome to the world of Kentico open source software. This is the home repository where you can get up to speed in minutes. Before you start using any of our software or contributing, read this guide and our contributing guidelines to save you some time and trouble. In the wiki section of this repository, you can find the best practices and guidelines for OS projects and SDK developers.

Kentico Kontent

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Kentico Kontent is a cloud content hub built by Kentico. Its technology-agnostic API enables omnichannel content delivery - from any platform to any device. Kentico Kontent is a SaaS solution built on a modern technology stack - it’s highly available, it scales automatically, and it’s secure.

Kentico EMS

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Kentico EMS is a fully integrated ASP.NET CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform that allows you to create cutting-edge websites, and fully optimize your digital customers’ experiences across multiple channels.


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Getting support for open-source projects

Disclaimer: Please note that the level of provided support is always determined by the LICENSE file of a given open-source project. Unless stated otherwise, Kentico Software does not provide support nor testing for open source software. OS projects are developed by volunteers and maintained by Kentico employees in their spare time. The software is distributed as it is, without any guarantee.

Read CONTRIBUTING.md for more info on getting support.

Code of Conduct

The Kentico team is committed to fostering a welcoming community, therefore all our projects has adopted the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct. If you have any additional questions or comments, you can contact us directly at devrel@kentico.com.